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Jiaxing city people basket Engineering Company Limited is the predecessor of the Zhejiang Sino French Biotechnology Co. Ltd., founded in September 2004, registered capital of 50 million yuan, belonging to the Sino French holdings enterprise group, is the city of Jiaxing agricultural science and technology enterprises in Zhejiang Province, municipal agricultural leading enterprises and private technology enterprises in Jiaxing.The company relies on Zhejiang University research technology, has successfully fermentation of edible fungi, liquid state fresh preservation technology, edible fungus fermentation technology of tunnel multiple high-tech industrialization.
The company is located in Nanhu District Fengqiao Town Zhuang village of Jiaxing city in history, mushroom cultivation, acquisition and sale of agricultural products, meat production and sales for the main business, fast food delivery. With the production and distribution of daily production capacity of 20 tons of meat.
In 2012, the company according to the full market research, the spirit of convenience, Huimin principle, relying on their rich experience accumulated over the years in the fresh agricultural products production, preservation and transportation, the integration of the Sino French group under the Zhejiang Sino French agricultural science and Technology Development Co Ltd in pig slaughtering industry and Jiaxing Fuxing livestock Co. Ltd. in the pig farming industry the industrial advantages, development of fresh pork distribution business segmentation.
The company relies on good matching of Sino French industrial cluster group, both in the supply quantity and quality are in a full range of security, have the ability to provide customers with either in quality or in the price is more competitive segmentation of meat products.
The company's good reputation and the quality of the product quality has been recognized by customers, the company now owns the Jiaxing Municipal People's government, Jiaxing City Intermediate People's court, Jiaxing Municipal State Taxation Bureau, high-speed traffic police detachment of Jiaxing, industrial and Commercial Bank of China Jiaxing branch, Jiaxing Mobile Corporation, Jiaxing branch of Guangdong Development Bank, Nanyang Career Technical College, Jiaxing Xiushui school Jiaxing overseas Chinese and international kindergarten, Jiaxing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Jiaxing Second Hospital and other stable customers, and has been recognized by the customers.
In 2015, the company undertaking the Jiaxing City catering Nanhu District Civil Affairs Bureau home care project, to participate actively in the Nanhu District wisdom pension service system, with great love, filial piety and ten percent of responsibility for a comfortable old friends.
In order to let more people and friends to enjoy our service, to carry out home care catering services at the same time, the company launched with the distribution of fresh agricultural products of high quality and low price service community, this project to subvert the traditional mode of residents to buy food, the general public friends can order fresh products through the company's WeChat public or community distribution, not enough fresh agricultural products procurement district will be able to lower prices and better quality, fundamentally solve the difficult problem of the public to buy food.
Jiaxing city people basket Engineering Co. Ltd. will uphold the warm and thoughtful, efficient service concept, to the majority of enterprises and institutions canteens and people buy food "nanny".

Company manager: Zhang Ziwei
Tel: 13738299691