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Jiaxing Tianhe Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a professional production of blood bag manufacturers. In 1988 the launch of the China market the first batch of blood bag products. We have to meet requirements of large volume injection drug GMP (Anticoagulation Solution) and three types of medical equipment (bags) complete production line.
The company to implement global business strategy, products have been registered in more than 20 countries, the market throughout the European Union, the Middle East, South America, Southeast Asia, South Asia, Africa and other 40 countries and regions. Is the qualified supplier to the United States Germany Japan France and many other Multi-National Corporation.
The company has focused on the professional development and production of professional products, the artisan spirit polished product quality, leading to continuous improvement of customer demand, manufacturing enterprises to create the world's best disposable sterile medical transfusion products, enjoy a relatively high visibility, credibility and reputation in the world.

Anticoagulation Solution} drug production license (issued by the State Food and Drug Administration)
Anticoagulation Solution pharmaceutical production license} (issued by the State Food and Drug Administration)
} drug GMP (State Food and Drug Administration certification)
} medical equipment production license (issued by the State Food and Drug Administration)
} CE Certificate (Germany Rhine (Shanghai) company certification)
ISO 9001:2008} (German Rhine (Shanghai) company certification)
ISO 13485:2012} (German Rhine (Shanghai) company certification)
Disposable plastic blood bag, covering the traditional blood bag, with leukocyte filter device special blood bag
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