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 Part of law in holding group co., LTD., zhejiang agricultural science and technology development co., LTD., founded in 2002. Establish method in agricultural science and technology demonstration garden of the sub-project of the national agricultural science and technology demonstration park of jiaxing city.

Company is mainly engaged in pigs, beef cattle slaughtering and processing, poultry, livestock, ChuQinRou egg processing and convenient breakfast food series product development.

The company also has covers an area of 400 mu of fruit planting base, pollution-free agricultural products issued by the ministry of agriculture has been made in both home and product certification. In one of the "law" brand green crown dense pear won the gold award "" fine early-maturing pears, zhejiang province, kiwi fruit of hearts by the China green food development center identified as" green food grade A products.

Company because of the high quality product and the scientific management was rated as "top ten agriculture leading enterprise" of jiaxing city, zhejiang province agricultural science and technology enterprises in zhejiang province and the "fifth batch of backbone agriculture leading enterprise".

Company in 2005, according to the national food safety and hygiene standards in the design of their quest to establish a method of meat, edible agricultural products circulation by Shanghai security information network security traceability system is established, implemented from pig breeding, slaughtering, processing, sales, circulation monitoring all the way, the effective docking with the market. Company in 2008 in the original on the basis of ISO9001 quality management system certification and increased the ISO22000 safety system certification, further to protect the company's products quality and safety.

Meat products mainly include: "method in the brand" fresh pork, "method in the brand" fresh beef and pork segmentation series of fresh meat. "Law" in fresh pork has been rated as jiaxing in zhejiang province and famous brand, and won the title of "famous brand original agricultural products in zhejiang province". For jiaxing city consumers association recommended products.

Method in the agricultural science and technology development co., LTD. Insists on "good faith enterprise, carefully do products, continuous innovation, sustainable development" business philosophy, committed to the development conforms to the social progress, diet civilization, is advantageous to the national health food business.