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France antenna Industrial Co. Ltd. was established in 1993, founding the company is Sino French Holdings Group limited.
Transmitting and receiving antenna is an important component of wireless signal wireless products, France antenna change with the times, and constantly introduce advanced production equipment and testing equipment, according to the requirements of the development and production of various rod antenna and a communication antenna. GPS antenna company, including GPS, GPS and other navigation antenna antenna has advantages of independent core technology, and successfully enter the European market, in the antenna supporting the production of several well-known international car factory, telephone, mobile phone factory plant. After 20 years of development, development and production of military and civilian wireless equipment antenna models have reached more than three thousand, annual output of over billion.

In 2015, the traditional enterprise face downward pressure, the world communication market rapid development and fierce competition situation, France antenna Industry Co. Ltd. a persevere carry forward the spirit of innovation, superior quality to make the world communication unlimited. While using the experience and equipment to do the new change in the production of rod antenna, telescopic series supplies. Such as: mobile phone self artifact, telescopic BBQ, telescopic pickup, telescopic swatter, telescopic device, telescopic dust scratching and telescopic shoehorn etc..
Product launch, will be favored in the international market, the United States, France, Britain and other countries department store orders too busy to attend to all annual output value exceeded 10 million.
In the transformation and upgrading, while maintaining stability on the road, France antenna Industrial Co. Ltd. is willing to work with friends at home and abroad to work together!
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