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Zhejiang Sino French pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a professional gynecological drug production enterprises, located in Jiaxing city of Phoenix town of Sino French Foreign Trade Industrial Park, covers an area of 38000 square meters, total construction area of 12000 square meters, in October 2004 passed the national GMP certification. The company has plant extraction, concentration, mixing, filling, packaging, raw material warehouse, finished products warehouse seven workshop. Among them, plant extraction workshop adopting ultrasonic extraction technology is the national patent technology; 100 thousand grade purification standard clean area, higher than the industry standard; liquid water taken two reverse osmosis purified water quality is much higher than the industry standard; the company quality control department has made in Germany (import analysis) balance, stability test box, ultraviolet spectrophotometry such as high-end test and analysis instrument. The company established a scientific and strict quality control system, strict control of raw material procurement, in accordance with the national GMP certification standard, ensure the customer's health.Excellent equipment, patent technology, strict management to ensure the high quality of the products.

Ya Jie Kang Compound Kushen lotion is French pharmaceutical's flagship product, it is based on the theory of Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine prescription "reference Kushen Decoction", in strict accordance with the monarch elaborate formula, combined with clinical experience, selection of Sophora flavescens, Cnidium, 100, phellodendron, Brucea javanica, Radix Scutellariae, Fructus Kochiae, dittany bark, honeysuckle, chrysanthemum. 15 kinds of Chinese medicine materials and preparations, in 2006 won the national invention patent (Patent No.: ZL200610052820.0).
Company research team continue to strengthen the research and development of new varieties, and successfully developed the Kang Jie Ya R, Kang Jie Ya matrine antibacterial lotion from matrine gel, Kang Jie Ya intelligent antibacterial r chitosan gel, gynecological Jiekang Ya from vaginal packing, removing dead - M hemorrhoids gel and gel xiaoertuire a series of new products. A new product into the market, has aroused great repercussions, has been well received and welcomed by consumers.
Well, the good faith management career. French pharmaceutical brand products, with modern management, the majority of the distribution network and quality of service, establish a good corporate image, won the praise and trust of consumers. The company since its inception, always adhere to the integrity, the courage to play, and actively contribute to the community, to be the responsibility of enterprises.
The future of Sino French pharmaceutical will continue adhering to the "rigorous honesty, innovation and excellence" spirit of enterprise, market-oriented, by providing high quality products and service for customers, responsible for human health, and for the healthy development of enterprises.

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