Zhongfa international confined center

 The French International Group's confinement center for Sino French institutions, is currently in Jiaxing Nanhu District, Xiuzhou District, Haining, Tongxiang, Jiashan, Haiyan, Pinghu maternal and child care centers to create professional medical nursing and medicine as the theme, the city center is a professional postpartum maternal and child care institutions in Jiaxing first national nursing background maternal and child health hospital. The French international confinement center to provide prenatal, pregnant women, postpartum all-around service. You can go to the confinement center once pregnant after registration, registration will enjoy the prenatal examination in nursing, nursing, postpartum confinement service. The French international maternal confinement center let the world become "queen".

With the improvement of people's living standard and life style, confinement began to have new change. More and more mothers choose directly in the confinement center after childbirth, put all the things to the authority of Obstetrics and Gynecology, pediatrics, nursing consultant, special nurse to take care of.
China International Center is located in the confinement center Lake Nanhu District of Jiaxing City Guang Yi Road No. 859 South Lake chamber of Commerce Building (Wanda Plaza opposite), $fifty million, there are 48 separate rooms, standard warm, upgrade guests, extreme VIP, presidential suite room for customers to choose different. Every room has a child to Yuesao one on one, two or even three to one to one all-weather service, is one of the characteristics of Sino French international confinement center. In addition, there are caring and careful conditioning confinement center of traditional Chinese medicine, baby care and other services, with particular emphasis on the medical level of disinfection, bathing, maternal conditioning and postpartum recovery etc.. In every room confinement center, once a week will have a professional Pediatrics, obstetrics, gynecology doctor rounds inspection. Experts with 25 years of experience in hotel management for nursing center in the mothers of five Stars Hotel butler service, who has long been engaged in the diet a chef to provide rich delicious food for maternal confinement. In addition, fetal education concerts, often held confinement center baby photography contest, enjoy activities such as parent-child card, every holiday iscolorful.
The French international team of maternal and child care professional confinement center will take care of the traditional folk and modern scientific nursing maternal confinement combine to provide high professional, for maternal and neonatal high security, high sense of trust in the maternal and child care service distinguished.The long-term friendly and in-depth cooperation with many national Fubao hospital, senior medical management experts Pro build the national director of Pediatrics, obstetrics and Gynecology, regular visiting; national counselor for women to ease the mood, prevent postpartum mood disorders; old Chinese medicine for the provincial maternity care center's pulse, one on one physical dialectical health guidance, high who care for nursing service center for medical management. Let the child enjoy medical support combined with meticulous, high-end services.

The French international confinement center:
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Mobile phone: 13867385218