Method in the group by taking part in social public welfare charity social responsibility with great love.

Local history of zhuang village pave the way to build a bridge for the company; Sponsor the 14th provincial games 1 million yuan; Booster "five water should be" 300000 yuan; Sponsorship of jiaxing "method in the cup" reading activities; Blood transfusion to province center, city support association donations; Sponsor city grand prix track and field sports, the national smashing concert; Sponsored by the south lake area, long distance race, "method in the cup" farmers table tennis; Sponsor district authorities chorus participated in "the concert" in Vienna... Normalized method in group one of the leading enterprises in jiaxing public stage, zhejiang TV "happened in the world" has become special report in 2012.

South lake district has set up a "named charity relief fund", in the group takes the lead to set up 10 million yuan as a charity fund. 2006 directional educational activities for the south lake area charity federation, 10 impoverished students annually, to 2015, has been paid for 95 college students. The group has a second city charity project award.

In October this year and set up "method in research grants," the next 10 years, will provide 200000 yuan a year, for the company is located - FengQiao Town reward outstanding teachers and outstanding students of primary and secondary schools.

To renew the idea of charity, change blood transfusion for hematopoietic, assistive behavior conforms to the concept of scientific development. Group have 66 disabled employees, the method in domestic outfit after outgoing antenna of disabled persons more than 30 people. Company free to 47 families disabled for bottom protection with edible fungi species and whole technical guidance services. For area established disabled persons' federation "well-off homes" 29 jobs, make medium and severe potential quality and reemployment reasonable combination of the disabled. This pattern for zhejiang pioneering, obtained the China disabled persons' federation leaders spoke highly of. Group has for three consecutive years was named the city, area FuCan assistive advanced collective work.