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Jiaxing Zhongfa metal surface treatment Co. Ltd. was founded in 1998, under the Sino French Holdings Limited, is one of Jiaxing's large-scale electroplating enterprises.
In 2008, in order to effectively solve the electroplating industry layout in Nanhu District is not reasonable, serious environmental pollution situation, the district government issued the "Jiaxing Nanhu District People's Government Office for the handling of construction metal surface cluster implementation opinions", decided by the Jiaxing sino-frence metal surface treatment Co. Ltd. is responsible for the construction and management of metal surface treatment in Nanhu District agglomeration project area.
Gathering area is located in the history of the village of Nanhu District Zhuang Feng Town, 25 km away from the urban area of Jiaxing. 1 hours to reach Shanghai, Hangzhou, Suzhou. Zhajiasu highway connecting 07, highway 01 runs through the town, and the Hangzhou Bay Bridge through. From the gathering area of 5 kilometers set two Zhajiasu high-speed import and export, transportation is very convenient.
We gathered a total of 69 electroplating workshop. Longmen has a large hanging galvanized, nickel plating, zinc plating, hanging barrel nickel plating automatic production line, automatic line large electrophoretic painting type ring automatic fishing line, vertical lifting ring automatic line, Longmen aluminum oxide automatic line, painting line, stainless steel automatic line 92 advanced automatic production line computer. The rolling galvanized unloading process are equipped with automated manipulator.
Surface treatment: zinc, nickel, a variety of silver plating, copper plating, chrome plating, electrophoresis, spraying, aluminum oxide, stainless steel electrolytic process. The quality of the products in the same industry leader.
In order to ensure that play an important role in Nanhu District electroplating remediation and industrial upgrading work, gathering area not only infrastructure and environmental protection projects complete, according to the requirements of the "three simultaneous" acceptance. "Also set up a special electroplating Star Management Office, equipped with a full-time staff on a daily basis for each workshop tracking supervision, inspection tour of cleaner production, star evaluation.
Jiaxing Zhongfa metal surface treatment Co., is struggling to make unremitting efforts to build a new electroplating enterprises, green and eco!
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