Group activities

The French group Party General commemorate the 93 anniversary of the founding members of the general assembly to convene a

The afternoon of July 1, 2014, the French group held to commemorate the 93 anniversary of the founding of "all members of the general assembly. At first by the Party branch secretary Liu Xiaobao annuncoing the award. In 2013, all members of group company to seriously study the spirit, carry out the party's eighteen practice Scientific Outlook on Development, actively participate in the production and operation of enterprises and the construction of spiritual civilization, the emergence of a number of advanced collectives and individuals.

In order to encourage advanced group Party branch to be commended for the executive branch, Chengyang Party branch and Zhang Bo "ten dreamer. For after the national union training team leader comrade Ma Huijun on the lectures for all Party members.
Deputy Secretary of the Party branch Comrade Dong Huizhong of the educational practice of the mass line work arrangement according to the phoenix town Party committee requirements. Finally, all Party members of the party's "the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee" knowledge contest.

Rich and colorful activities, so that all Party members to further strengthen the ideals and beliefs, the work style, close ties with the masses, comprehensive work direction, and laid a solid foundation for the next stage to carry out the party's mass line of educational practice.