Group activities

The French group party held a special organizational life

According to the phoenix town Party's mass line educational practice leadership team in the town "on the grass-roots party organizations to carry out the topic of organizational life and" party spirit, democratic appraisal examination work notice "requirement, the afternoon of August 13, 2014, Sino French group Party branch in the town under the guidance steering group held a special organizational life. The Party branch committee and subordinate eight branch secretary attended the meeting.
The meeting was chaired by the deputy party secretary Dong Huizhong. She was the first to the steering group report on the preparatory work, and then by Secretary Liu Xiaobao on behalf of the Party branch as a corrective action report.
The report is completed, Liu Xiaobao took the lead in the party secretary of "self check" speech examination.Followed by Dong Huizhong, Zhou Mingliang, Zhang Jiaping branch committee, Zhu Xinmin were also made a self-criticism.
On the basis of self-criticism, five branch members also carried out serious mutual criticism.
The steering group leader Jin Linqun vice chairman of the town's evaluation of the French party branch will be the topic of organizational life: to carry out criticism and self-criticism with depth and strength. The five branch members attitude modesty, determination and rectification measures.
Finally, deputy secretary of the Party branch Dong Huizhong butt down "examination, democratic appraisal of party spirit" work arrangement. Ask each branch Party Congress held, based on personal summary on the control of party spirit, the "enterprise examination index reference standard" and "pioneer members of" ten line "of" self assessment and peer assessment. On this basis, each branch to the party organization, to determine the order of Fu and written corrective recommendations, fill out the report, and give feedback to each party.

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