Group activities

French female entrepreneurs, female cadres, neizhu fellowship activities at the end of the year

The afternoon of December 30, 2015, the group of women entrepreneurs, female cadres, neizhu Association held at the end of the activities.
First of all by the group of Party branch secretary, director of women's Committee Liu Xiaobao summed up the association work: "March 2013 level according to the recommendations of the masses, in bags, antenna, electroplating enterprises organization set up a group of women entrepreneurs, female cadres, neizhu association. The purpose is through tourism, visit, tea, health and beauty to listen to lectures and other activities to strengthen exchanges, enhance feelings, release the pressure of work and enhance their image quality, rich content of life.
In three years, the association focus on the target, carry out: Women's health lectures, Nanbei Lake, plum, oranges to Hangzhou, Japan and West Lake tourism, dinner and other activities."
Director Liu Xiaobao said: "the first session of the association, although we have no experience, but in everyone's support, can be said to be the most basic success, according to sister views, we decided the first activities to this end. Then begin the second registration work."
Subsequently, Dong teacher for you promotion of the Sino French center of the month, and the United States, Britain and China education children have what different lectures.

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