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"Home of women", building harmonious enterprises - jiaxing

December 11, 2013, jiaxing city women's federation, chairman of the Chinese elder herb, south lake district women's federation chairman Huang Meiqin a line to visit my group "home" of women, the method of group party deputy secretary of the party secretary, director of the FuDaiHui Liu Xiaobao, Dong Hui to chairman lu in the line of the arrival of a warm welcome.

Party deputy secretary of the meeting, the Dong Hui lieutenant general method in the "home" of women work report to the chairman lu line of the brief, party secretary Liu Xiaobao to the characteristics of "home" of women work "in the law group female entrepreneurs, female cadres, wife fraternity" is presented. Chairman of sino-french FuDaiHui lu and "home" of women expressed great must work. Also require method on the basis of the original in the "home" of women work as main fulcrum, with CPC group building, through the group woman universal coverage, further improve the organization, the abundant carrier, active atmosphere.

Method in the group has been support women's rights and interests maintenance, helping women development, to non-public enterprises humanization "home" of women. Company set up "the hui in xiangyin studio" specifically for female workers and solve the problem of its work, marriage, doctor; The company has "women civilization ShiFanGang" the finance department, under the guidance of Liu Shuji, ShiFanGang employees completes the labor of duty the keen on public welfare at the same time, send bag for new residents children to donate blood, love, etc. FuDaiHui method group in a series of work will be "home" of women into the maintenance of female employees "strong position", concerned about the female employees "warm house", become a "sweet home" female employees.

On December 13, under the guidance of the south lake district women's federation chairman huang, anji county women's federation delegation visit in law, further at the same time full of praise for FuDaiHui method in the work.

Believe under the leadership of the government departments at all levels, the method of group also will, as always, we'll build FuDaiHui into the construction of enterprise culture system, on the one hand, protect the legitimate rights and interests of female employees, abundant cultural connotation and the expansion of enterprises on the other hand, make FuDaiHui work in our corporate image display is well-established brands.