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Method of group legal education activities Consolidate emplo

On October 25, the method of group guest to FengQiao Town judicial offices held "the franco-prussian education you I him, rule of law depends on everybody" theme of "the law into the enterprise" the rule of law publicity series activity, in the factory to carry out the labor and social security, production safety, drug control publicity activities, and lawyers yan-ju zhang invited south lake in zhejiang province is the franco-prussian integrity education, legal and rational recruitment and typical case analysis to the general staff do the legal system education seminar. From various subsidiaries, workshop more than 150 workers listened to the lecture.

Group for a long time, the method to strengthen the idea of enterprise management, in accordance with the law in accordance with the management and improve the legal quality of employees as the starting point of the legal system education, in accordance with the "purpose of" the franco-prussian plan requirements, adhere to the principle of "strong legal system and education" and the principle of "honest and trustworthy, operating in accordance with the law", the enhancement enterprise legal system propaganda education pertinence and actual effect of the fluctuation kongfu, continue to deepen the content and form of the legal system education, to create a good legal system for the sustainable development of enterprise economic environment.

Through the legal system education series of activities, employees felt profoundly the importance of to improve the quality and culture of law, effectively enhance the staff's understanding of relevant legal regulations and understanding, to further promote the "knowing, law-abiding, usage," the concept of the rule of law, to ensure the harmony and stability of the firm.