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Financial management personnel training method in the group

Accounting team construction and the subsidiary company of to promote the financial management level, late on September 24th, the method of accounting management training courses opened in information sharing group library. Group chairman Zhao Jifa xing-you gao to attend the opening ceremony and speech, the vice President. More than 50 from each subsidiary departments of accounting staff attended the training. Xiushui economic specialty training invitation to jiaxing college teachers' teaching for students.

Chairman zhao pointed out that the current training class purpose is to want to strengthen the self management in the process of training students, by learning to master modern financial knowledge and laws and regulations, do knowledge, improve their professional ability, to lay a solid foundation for the group to financial management.

It is reported, the training on enterprise financial and accounting foundation, financial regulations, professional ethics, accounting computerization, and other modules, through the module type for a month and a half, discussion, teaching, case and other targeted training, make the financial and accounting personnel to further enhance the management ability, enhance the innovation consciousness, sets up the value concept of thinking, legitimate business, scientific development for the company to provide support.