Lili story

The twins double confined

While traveling in the United States saipan king teacher found herself pregnant, pregnant with twins. 
The 30 - year - old king teacher, first-born daughter five and a half years old, having a second child from birth time interval and policy perspective are better time. But at home should have three baby, think about also really a little cover. 
Colleagues wish teachers just sit in the center of the method in the international confined confined, personally enjoy high professional nursing service, the maternal and infant and the honor of teacher so enthusiastic suggest gold postpartum to sit there first confined well, too, relaxed home again after the full moon. 
After 34 weeks pregnant, gold teacher gave birth to twins, a pair of male baby let the whole family. But because the first child is a caesarean section, the uterus incision scar has fibrosis, elastic, so both baby born only a little more than 4 jins, incubator in maternity care hospital put a week later, gold has been admitted to the method in the international teachers and baby twins confined center. 
All say "twins" mutual induction, often a urine, another will soon be urine, a cry, another followed also cry, so central not only to the king the teacher arranged for one of the largest suite adds a month sister-in-law, the maternal and child can comfort a month. 
The women folk tone after the birth of her baby a month is called the "nursing". 
"Nursing" can be traced back to two thousand years ago in the western han dynasty, "rites" conceal called "month", is necessary for the postpartum ritual behavior. 
Modern medicine thinks postpartum women's reproductive system, circulatory system, nervous system and so on all significant changes have taken place. So from the perspective of sociology and medicine, "nursing" is prompted the maternal reproductive organs and the crucial time for the body recover as soon as possible. 
Traditionally most mother sat a confined can start a normal life, but there are also some mother with two months time to adjust, in order to achieve the full recovery of the body, this is the jiangsu and zhejiang provinces in some areas is called "double lili" customs. 
A month later, all the physique, physical, and fit for the teacher got very good recovery, two baby how long is from the original 4 jins weight to more than 8 kg. Comfortable environment, scientific and thoughtful services for gold teacher is reluctant to part with law confined in the center, in order to make the health of my baby and more guaranteed, after consulting his family she decided to stay in the center for another month. 
Gold old teachers and students "the twins, and even live in the center of the method in the international confined for two months" so there will be a "twin", "double lili" story.