Lili story

Feng shui treasure-house, "pregnant" gas is dye-in-the-wood

Xu Qin fuyang, husband is entrepreneurs, unfertilized five years of marriage, also can not find the reason, the secondary do test tube babies have failed. 
Wish give birth to a baby monkey, in October 2015 Xu Qin made test-tube baby again. Maternity care hospital doctors said: back to fuyang after transplantation, two times before the way overworked is the important reason for abortion, the recommended recuperation spuc nearby. In this way, Xu Qin choice to the international confined center method. 
As is known to all, spuc has always been a difficult problem, careless slightly will be disqualified. 
Is said to be the daughter of a doctor obstetrics and gynecology, two pregnant abortion, after the third pregnancy, mother asked daughter absolutely bed rest, three months passed, and nothing. One day, in static lying daughter heard the cat catching grilled food cover is trying to steal fish eat movement, mouth shouted "go", and consciously in the foot edge wave, but this is the little affectations, again lead to miscarriage. 
Natural pregnancy spuc "with difficulty, artificial insemination and in vitro baby postoperative nursing spuc" is a new challenge. 
Center for Xu Qin arranged for private comfortable star concierge suite, indoor air conditioning keep constant temperature 20 degrees. 
The head nurse according to infertility expert advice, give Xu Qin equipped with butler special sweet. Guidance on flat sandals, wear loose dress. And warm told, carefully push: living in peace, for on, neither too escape, because of the ease and qi stagnation; Nor too, because of the pain, breath failure. Plenty of fresh air, suitable for a walk in the morning and go to bed without a pillow to lie on your back, hips to mat is high, the beneficial embryo implantation, must not lift heavy weights or stand high, avoid the yawning, and stretching movement, raise your hand if you don't over the top of the head... . 
Diet nursing care is more nuanced, six meals a day in the attention chooses is rich in various vitamins and trace elements, which are easy to digest food, also suitable for her add ingredients to prevent miscarriage. 
Test-tube baby bed period is 9 -- 10 days commonly, 11 days later, on checking Xu Qin normal pregnancy. 
More strange is that the law confined center opened in July 2015, the marketing manager in August campaign is pregnant with two children. The front desk said ehud Shapiro girl married for three years, particularly want a child, was surprised to be get a month here. And her aunt zhang, her daughter is 5 years old, always wanted two foetuses not pregnant, into the center of lili happy half a month. 
Know that people are joking: is located in nanhu district of jiaxing city wanda plaza guang yi road 859 south lake across the method in the international chamber of commerce building confined center is a piece of land, "pregnant" gas is dye-in-the-wood.