Lili story

Not the best Only better

Method in the international confined center since opened its door on July 18, 2015 to December, less than half a year has given (18)? Face pennants, such a high probability of praise, is rare in the maternal and child services industry. The gleaming pennants, nature is to encourage and spur on center. 
Center managers in line with the concept of "no best, only better", constantly, to listen to your customers for maternal and infant provide higher professional, higher security, higher credibility of nursing service. 
In addition to direct to the room service situation, the center also designed the service information feedback form. 
Jiangnan traditional folk, maternal "nursing" is around "tonic". Eat most is diving in the egg, sugar before birth, the home has a "catalyst", a basket of eggs is imperative. Relatives have to maternal "send soup basket" etiquette, the egg also is inevitable. But no matter from the perspective of nutrition and medicine, 2, 3 eggs a day is enough, and eat many not only indigestion, can also lead to protein poisoning, causes the disease such as hyperlipidemia and pancreatitis. 
So confined diet is to have cultured. Method in confined center by professional nutritionists and doctors in detoxification of blood, zi protect viscera, tomifying qi and milk, restores the physical strength four stages of maternal diet nursing care. 
Feedback form, treasure mom opinion of confined meal is also important. Comb, recipes are no dissent, opinion mainly concentrated on the palate. Have feeling sweet, salty, and even the fresh feeling, have felt braise in soy sauce is too much, also have suggested adding seasonal dishes... . These opinions and Suggestions you should treasure mother's personal point of view is reasonable. To adjust the kitchen immediately vary from person to person, to dishes of fresh feeling, with less big bone soup. 
Central leadership has stressed: treasure mom eating six meals a day, stay a month, a total of 180 meals, as long as a meal are not satisfied, is wasted. 
"After the floor wet mop, the best dry mop again." 
"Toilet trash with cover for the better." 
Aunt "Χ Χ cell phone too much." 
"Detail decides success or failure", the customer reflect the first-hand information, the most real. Center managers don't pass any trivial opinion, effectively improve, improve customer satisfaction. 
"People have feelings, to make the customer satisfaction will be dedicated, with their own actions to move customers." The banner of pennants reflect that willo treasure mom moved, is also the method of international confined center "the pursuit of better" concept.