Lili story

The lucky story behind the first banner

Gu Rui is a university teacher, breech fetus, cesarean section after discharge has been admitted to the method of international confined center, also with her mother-in-law. 
Center has just opened, she was among the first customers. 
Monroe ku's got character, a check-in is put forward: the baby must while living with her, can't leave her line of sight. All food not Fried. Mother-in-law plays a role of supervision and guarantee are on the side. To love the baby from which. 
Center not only meet the demand of Monroe ku mentality and habits, know that her mother-in-law loves eating seafood, and transform to her taste. 
These are the second, let them rejoice chose the method of center for international lili is below what happened. 
Jiaxing maternity care hospital pediatricians found in check, baby clavicle bilateral asymmetry, inconsistent both upper limbs mobility, head tilted to one side. Diagnosis: not only broken collarbone, and "stiff neck". 
Monroe ku mother-in-law suddenly like thunder. 
Experts explain: baby fractures and "stiff neck" are caused by the strong pull of cesarean section. And comfort: neonatal itself growth ability is very strong, and found in a timely manner, holding the effects to the child in the future there will be no time to treatment. 
Neonatal clavicular fracture is birth trauma fracture in one of the most common, because sometimes symptom is not obvious, so easy to be ignored, such as not timely detection and treatment, can cause serious future trouble. According to expert opinions, confined center leadership well side the treasure mom and family members of the heart, one side contact Shanghai red house hospital, hung up the expert outpatient service, take the baby to make a diagnosis and give treatment. 
The newborn "stiff neck" commonly known as "crooked neck". Generally infants born without exception, but the neck after 15 days or so will find that there are 2 cm - 3 cm in diameter of lump, the baby always to bump the side neck, and jaw and face turned to the side without bump. If found early, warm and massage treatments are available, and if found later, bump has disappeared, had to use passive traction. Found that the later, the baby the more powerful resistance to traction treatment, will also face severe deformation because of the delay treatment. 
Thanks to early detection, jiaxing hospital carefully for baby massage treatment, also soon to get the correct "stiff neck". 
Monroe ku a heart filled with gratitude, repeatedly grateful, if not into the method of international confined center, there is no such responsibility, professional high-end care, may be to three, five months to find baby fracture and "stiff neck" problem, the child's life may be destroyed. Think of life see "crooked neck", "shoulder" kind of deformity, really chilling. So thank you to send a banner is a must. 
This is the method of the first international confined center received the lucky story behind the pennants.