Lili story

She gave two pennants

Tang Juan, henan people, in jiaxing business for many years, 37, was pregnant, standard older mothers. 
Nowadays "treasure mom because most of the lack of family care will choose go to confined center". Also want to easily and readily a mother Tang Juan by method of "baidu" to see international confined center service concept and service content is very similar to the company and their needs, will do the reservation procedure without hesitation. 
October pregnant together, daughter, born Tang Juan lived in a confined center. She is outgoing, jovial man. Must eat breakfast center put do steamed stuffed bun, dumplings, wonton,... , foreign afraid not dare eat have this or that kind of problem. Center had followed her advice that he began to do snacks. In a few days, and li Juan is put forward: the skin of the snack is available spinach and carrot juice made of colored, a dish is to increase appetite and increase nutrition? Center and meet the requirements of her. 
5 PM in the evening for a few days, my daughter began to cry, diagnosis by experts, is a gastrointestinal convulsion, middle-aged woman, li Juan not worry. Experts and to comfort her: "baby immature nerve centre, stomach lipase content is low, mesenteric long, intestinal wall muscle layer thin, gastrointestinal cramps are common". Make physical activity for children: gently massage your abdomen, legs slowly push... Then holding babies, let HaiZiTou on adult shoulder, affixed to the adult chest abdomen. Soon the boy was normal. 
Considering Tang Juan older and has no experience in parenting, 20 days later, the month sister-in-law and nurses began to patiently precept or how to further recovery after her home and body constitution, how to take care of newborn daughter. 
From their mother healthy eating, correct nursing, ensure that sleep, adjust the mood to take care of the newborn daily sleep, cry, eat milk, urine, diapers, bathing, touch massage. 
Neonatal limbs, waist soft neck weakness, head also don't lift it, how to hold the baby for Tang Juan practice also need to learn. Month sister-in-law and nurse repeated demonstration: newborns with horizontal, vertical, seated embrace, no matter in that position to hold the major we must protect the neck and the waist. 
Also remind her daughter at home care hair must pay attention to the baby xin door, xin door on the film must not be damaged. 
Of neonatal tender skin, fast metabolism, stimulate prone to erosion, so the place such as the neck, armpits and groins, be sure to keep your skin clean. 
Nuanced, never tired of teaching demonstration for new mothers Tang Juan learned the basic knowledge of many security and health. Moved, Tang Juan custom pennants on both sides. Side to her, thanks to their close care and knowledge in life; One side to nurse, thanks to their medical science professor care and knowledge.